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Sorter etter: Fornavn Etternavn Dato Sted Dato Sted
woman Rossing, Cornelia & Ole Pedersen Hagen* ‎1800* Tolga, Hedmark, Norge† ‎1879† Tolga, Hedmark, Norge
man Rossing, Cornelius* ‎1785* Tolga, Hedmark, Norge
man Rossing, Eggert Martinus* ‎1792* Tolga, Hedmark, Norge
man Rossing, Henrik Rikard & Anna Dortea Berg* ‎± 1755* Tolga, Hedmark, Norge† ‎± 1835† Tolga, Hedmark, Norge
woman Rossing, Johanne Elisabeth & Jon Olsen Kleven* ‎1789* Tolga, Hedmark, Norge
man Rossing, John & Elisabet Cornelia Henriksdatter Flor† ‎± 1789
woman Rossing, Karen Elsabet & Peder Andersen Urset* ‎1797* Tolga, Hedmark, Norge
man Rossing, Mikael Ludvig* ‎1792* Tolga, Hedmark, Norge
man Rossing, Ole* ‎1787* Tolga, Hedmark, Norge
man Rossing, Petter Anton & Anne Engebretsdatter Smedsås* ‎1795* Tolga, Hedmark, Norge

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